• No, however a light is available free of charge during office hours on a first come first serve basis. You will be required to leave your license in exchange for the light. License will be returned when light is returned. Light must be returned before the office closes.
  • Yes, we have rules for everyone’s safety. We enforce the rules through our extensive camera viewing and recording system. Please make sure you understand all rules. A violation of the rules can lead to a fine and/or eviction. 
  • You must provide a written seven-day notice to the office. It can be in person, mail or by e mail. You must clean your unit (broom clean). You must remove your lock. You must notify the office that your unit is clean and the lock is removed. If you do not notify the office that you have taken all the above steps, then your rent will continue to run as we cannot put the unit back into our rental system. Notification can be made in person, via phone or e-mail.
  •  Yes, once access hours are over, silent alarm activates and will be triggered by any motion or door opening. If you trigger the alarm after closing, you will be fined $250.00 and or evicted.
  • Yes, we have restrooms for customer use during access hours. If you are found abusing the privilege (stealing supplies/leaving a mess) you will be evicted.
  • El Camino Self Storage was stated in 1990 by James and Vincee Viso. Upon their passing, the ownership was carried on by their six children.
  • The alarm system is automatically activated after closing time.  If you are in the facility after closing time and the alarm is activated you will be charged $250.00 fee on the first offense. The second offense will warrant an eviction. 
  • You need a government issued document containing a picture. Documents like driver's license or passport are acceptable.
  • El Camino Storage takes care of your belongings. We have electronic gates with coded access, recorded video surveillance, fenced premises, security patrols and well-lit facilities.  Personal locks are available for purchase.

  • In our opinion no storage facility in Santa Clara even comes close to our record. This is due to each of our facilities having in excess of 75 high-definition cameras that record for many days.  We have code access, excellent lighting, building and fence alarms. In most cases we can track from the street to movements within the yard and building and back to the street.
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