• Abusive language/aggressive behavior directed toward staff or other tenants is not tolerated. You will be asked to leave and if you refuse, we will call the police to have you removed. Abusive language/aggressive behavior are grounds for eviction.
  • Aisle way cannot be blocked, room must be left for other tenants to safely pass. In addition, any personal items left outside of units overnight will be disposed of.
  • You do not have to worry about being locked into a long-term contract for your storage unit when you rent from El Camino Self Storage. We rent our units on a month-to-month basis, providing maximum flexibility. The minimum rental length is one month.
  • El Camino Self Storage has a wide range of both indoor and outdoor drive-up units. There are convenient storage sizes from 2’ x 4’ all the way up to 10’ x 20’. 
  • We review our competitor’s rates in the City of Santa Clara daily. We then adjust our unit rates so as to provide the best rates in Santa Clara for that day.
  • Rates are reviewed every eight months. Usual adjustments are between zero and ten percent. We guarantee will not be raised above the standardized rate in effect at the time the rate is adjusted.
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